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In addition, the FTC encourages you to file a complaint. Remember that any company offering to take you off its call list by following directions pressing buttons, speaking to a live representative, etc. Also, keep an eye out for these other phone scams. So far, the FTC has sued hundreds of companies responsible for unwanted calls and has obtained over a billion dollars in judgments against violators.

You can also register by visiting donotcall. The FTC urges everyone to register only their own number and to never pay anyone who claims they will register your number. You—and only you—should register your phone number with the DNC List. If you use the Do Not Call List link , you can register up to three phone numbers at any given time.

If you have more than three to register, you will have to go through the registration process again. For each number you register, you will receive an email. Close menu.

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National Do Not Call Registry. Solution The National Do Not Call Registry allows customers to submit their wired and wireless phone numbers to a database that informs certain telemarketers not to contact the numbers. Registration is free and is available in both English and Spanish. Registration does not expire unless a number is disconnected, or until the consumer takes it off the registry.

If consumers register online, they must provide an email address.

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For more information about the collection of data in this form, please see the Do Not Call Register data collection notice. You may apply to register numbers as a nominee acting on behalf of another individual.

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To do this, you will need to download and complete the Registration Form pdf, k. You will need to provide evidence of your ability to act as a nominee for the account holder, such as:.

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The Do Not Call Register allows you to reduce the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls and marketing faxes you receive. Email addresses are requested as part of the online registration process, to confirm your request for registration. Business telephone numbers are not eligible for registration. The Do Not Call Register operator must remove any number it finds to be ineligible for registration.

Select the reset password button below and an email containing reset instructions will be sent to the email address associated with this account. If you do not receive an email or the email address is no longer active please call for assistance. Wait - I remember my password now! Contact Details. Register your numbers. Start EDIT. Personal details EDIT. Organisation details.

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Account holder details. Authorised officer details. Email Please ensure you enter a valid email address e.