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How to configure the storage quota for a single user in Exchange 2007

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PowerShell for Exchange: A Script that Helps Generate Mailbox Reports | Pluralsight

Home SQL. Exchange Mailbox Quota Types Mailbox quotas can be set at the database or mailbox level. The three mailbox quota types are: Issue Warning Quota — this is not a hard limit, but a warning threshold.

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Prohibit Send Quota this is a hard limit, and once a mailbox size exceeds it the user will no longer be able to send e-mail, but will still be able to receive e-mail. Prohibit Send and Receive Quota — this is also a hard limit, and once it is exceeded the user will no longer be able to send or receive e-mail messages.

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  4. Customizing Quota Messages To make things easier for users, and to reduce the number of calls to the helpdesk, the messages which Exchange sends when a user is exceeding a quota limit can be customized to include more useful or practical information than the standard message gives. WarningMailbox — this message type is sent to mailboxes which have a size limit such as a Prohibit Send or Prohibit Send and Receive quota when the warning quota has been exceeded.

    The New-SystemMessage cmdlet is used to set a custom quota message:. Script for showing mailbox size and quota. Exit the script if username is not found. Get the username from the command line argument. Get the mailbox, break if it's not found. Get the mailbox statistics. If the mailbox is using the database quotas then read them, otherwise read them from the mailbox.

    Get the mailbox size and convert it from bytes to megabytes. Write the output. Script for incrementing mailbox quotas. Amount to increase prohibit send quota by in megabytes. Amount to subtract from prohibit send quota to set warning quota. Get the username from the arguments. Prompt if no location was passed. Get the mailbox.

    Error if the mailbox wasn't found. Write-Host "User not found" -Foregroundcolor : Red. Get the mailbox information and size.

    PowerShell Script: Get Exchange 2007 Database Sizes and Mailbox Counts

    Get the current quota values. Database quotas are being used so read them from the DB.

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    Copy this and paste in a txt file:. Now, save the txt file to MailboxReport. Navigate to the shell and do this:.

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    Keywords: Exchange mailbox size report, user mailbox folder breakup, PFDAVAdmin Exchange , cmdlet to list mailbox item count, listing user mailbox, mailbox size reporting, extract user level mailbox size, extract server level mailbox size. RSS 2. Leave a response , or trackback. Based on that I could probably grant a couple users different mailbox sizes. Native exchange aint got that functionality since no cmdlet can monitor a realtime activity. Promodag reports is a product which is capable of achieving what you asked for…. The product is worth a shot!!!