How to track your family history

You can document and store information like names, dates, pictures, sounds and video. A companion app lets you edit it on your iPhone, too. You can upload your own in the correct location, and see those uploaded by museums and archives.

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Download Billion Graves Camera. The General Registry Office holds birth, death, adoption, marriage, civil partnership and death certificates. Which makes it an invaluable tool for researching your family tree. Still, it's a great starting point. You can even take photos of your relatives within the app, ready to upload them to your family tree. Download MobileFamilyTree 8. New BT Plus. Our best connection in and out of the home.

Genealogy: How to Trace your Family Tree COURSE CLOSED

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Multiple sheets are added as needed. You can find pre-made, printable sheets to make this process easier. Search for a "printable pedigree chart" online.

Tracing your family tree? The 10 best apps to help you find your relatives

There are also templates available that let you type in the information and save or print out a chart. Fill in all the information you can gather as you go. If you need to skip a line or some details, keep going and try to fill in the missing information later. Interview family members. Gather as much information as possible firsthand before digging into your research.

Ask the oldest family members available to you to discuss their ancestry. People can forget facts -- such as a painful family secret, like illegitimate parentage -- for so long that they become their truth. Trust but verify.

Three ways to research your family tree

Consider recording your interviews. Not only will this aid in your research, it may offer you a nice family memento when that older family member is no longer with you. Search through family photos, clippings, and documents. Look on the backs of photos. People often write names and dates that could prove useful. Being able to establish when your great-grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary can give you a better idea on date ranges for other life events. Keep things organized. Collecting family information is more enjoyable than organizing it, but without the latter the former will be less useful as you construct your family tree.

Make photocopies or scans of pictures and documents. You may want to use them as part of your family tree, and they will be more handy this way regardless.

Talk to relatives - both old and young

Enter information into a database as you gather it. Find a format that works best for you. You can lay the cards out on the table or floor to make a large pedigree chart as you work. Method 2. Visit cemeteries. If you know where your grandparents or other relatives are buried, visit the cemetery and take a look around. Examine government records.

Birth, marriage, and death certificates can provide details on on dates, parentage, place of birth or residence, and even occupation and other information sometimes. Court records, anything from adoption requests to property transactions to criminal proceedings, can be a treasure trove of information as well. Some of this may also be information less likely to be gleaned from family interviews and photo albums.

How to start your family tree - Family Tree

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