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If any of the above documents are not available, two 2 of the following showing the applicants name and address must be provided:.


For important information about what records are available and who is eligible to receive copies of records, visit the following:. Information about the types of records available, limitations on availability, and an application form:. Genealogy copies are not available for same day pick up at the Vital Records Office. However, we can accept your payment and application at the counter. Your record will be mailed to you when the research has been completed. We discourage third party pickups. If you are unable to come to our office yourself, we recommend that you order your certificate by mail or via the internet or telephone.

If you must have your record picked up by a third party, please follow these steps carefully:.

Any discrepancies or a failure to fulfill all of the above requirements may cause the Vital Records office to be unable to issue the record to a third party. All Rights Reserved. Comments or suggestions? Please e-mail the MonroeCounty. Nursing Services. Obtain copies of birth or death certificates online. Order now. Skip to main content.

How long will it take? Third Party Pick Up We discourage third party pickups. Search People Records.

New York City Vital Records

Use the Minnesota People Records Search. The search defaults to searching multiple record types, so if you want to search only birth records, click the check-marks to remove the others.

Q: Can I still search for Birth Records using the search. However, the Minnesota People Records Search was specifically designed to be an easier and more effective search tool for records about people. Q: What will the online index tell me? Anything missing from the original record often first and middle names will not appear in the index. Note: Minnesota law required the recording of births beginning in , but compliance and enforcement was sporadic during the s. Many counties were not formed until after , so births occurring in what became those counties may be recorded in parent counties.

Q: How are the early birth cards to different from later birth certificates? Birth cards are transcripts of birth information that were compiled at a later time by the Minnesota Department of Health.

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Q: What information is on a birth card - ? Unlike birth certificates, many birth cards were filled out very incompletely. You can see an example of a birth card here. The forms are not always complete, so not all of this information will be on every certificate. You can see an example of a birth certificate here. Q: How were the birth certificates created? When someone was born, a physician or midwife compiled information about the child on a birth certificate.

The certificate was registered with the local county registrar and the original copy was sent to the Office of Vital Statistics at the Minnesota Department of Health. Q: How can I find information on a post Minnesota birth? A variety of concerns about individual privacy, identity theft, and national security all inform decisions about access to vital records.

To get more information or a copy of a post certificate, you can request one from a county vital statistics or registrar's office or the state Department of Health. This may be because many of these children were born at home and home births were often not recorded properly. Q: Can I edit my search without starting over? Scroll up to the search area. Add, change, or remove information from the boxes, and then click the Search button.

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Your new results will be below. Q: How does searching for multiple record-types impact my search?

If you are searching for more than one type of record, there are a few things that change:. Q: How does the Sounds Like search work? It enables one-step searching for alternate spellings. Q: What are the results under the Comments tab? They are comments left by users like you! Researchers can comment on any record and often leave information about alternate spellings, nicknames, etc. The system searches the full text of comments, and clicking on a comment in the results page will open the full index record.

Please feel free to leave any comments that you think would be helpful to other researchers. We can help you place an order if you are having difficulty and we are more than happy to give you search advice, but we do not have the staff or resources to do in-depth research for our patrons. Q: How can I order a copy of a Birth Certificate? Order a non-certified copy directly through the online search system. Q: If I order a copy, how will it be delivered?

You will receive an order-confirmation email which includes links to the images of the certificates you ordered. If you ordered with a credit card, the email with links will be sent almost instantaneously.

Vital Records

If you opt to mail your payment, we will process your order after it arrives. Links to birth certificate images will be active for 14 days after they are sent.

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The Minnesota Historical Society does not mail out paper copies of birth certificates; all birth record orders are filled via email. What should I do? Links to birth certificate images will be active for only 14 days after they are sent. Q: I ordered a Birth Certificate, but it never arrived in my in-box. Where is it? The email may have gotten caught in a spam or junk-mail filter set up by either you or by your email provider.