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Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 1 August , at Privacy policy About eLinux. Bubblebobble 17 May mmc0: controller never released inhibit bit s and mmc0: timeout. One or two worked perfectly, but most of them showed filesystem corruption after some months, usually but not only after power loss. Read-only filesystem didn't fix the issue. No problems. Does not boot. Capacity 1. Doesn't work with N I wouldn't recommend buying this card. Started booting one single time then crashed during boot. No errors writing card on Mac.

No problems so far. Seems functional in Arch, but sometimes freezes at the beginning of boot blinking underscore.

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Other cards work. Multiple MMC sd card errors, several corrupt SD cards over the past 6 months, tried multiple versions of Raspbian from 4. Errors are pretty frequent.

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  • Stay away. Was purchased as a 5 pack from Amazon. Fails on laptops which use mmc driver instead of SATA. Wheezy read and write right at about 20MBps. After booting, I installed several packages - all fine. After that, I installed RetroPie. That took about 15 hours to download and compile - zero errors.

    Unstable results with Raspian Wheezy Sporadic failed booting - "Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt". Works with Wheezy, does not work with Squeeze mmc0: timeout Works with Raspbmc Sp00l. Happily banging away for over a month now; Raspbian Linux 3. Arch seems to work, gets to the login prompt. Debian installation worked, [brand new] Card died a few minutes later with mmc0 timeouts, during apt-get upgrade.

    Never got it to work again on any system. Would not boot. Compared with known good card which was reformatted, set up with NOOBS in the same manner, and worked on both Pi models. No issues observed.

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    Used dd on linux to write raspbian image, and rpi autoresized on first boot without problems. Works with latest firmware 3. On Raspbian fails when " Mounting local filesystems In case of freezes add sdhci-bcm Raspbian 3.

    Even though MB-MSAGB is a bit slower than Transcend by spec samsung is as snappy regardless , or may be even snappier, could'nt tell the difference really. Worked flawlessly on both Raspbian NOOBS and with the offensive-security Kali pre-build, each on a different card of the identical model. Can install Raspbian image and boot OK. But afterwards, running sudo apt-get upgrade caused SD corruption.

    Tested with 2 cards, both exhibited the same problem. Tested on rpi2, First boot OK then overclock to Mhz, sync some files and won't able to reboot. Put a fresh raspian then and mmc errors hardware everywhere while booting. Would not boot from standard Noobs - could not see image. Then, use a utility such as dd or Win32DiskImager to copy the image directly to your device.

    Confirmed that the "Expand Filesystem" option for Raspian still works after reboot. Format card originally with "SD Card Formatter". Format again to FAT32 with "guiformat. Write image with "Win32DiskImager". I imaged the card with RPi-sd Card Builder 1. Tested on brand new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Installed Raspbian Jessie , works perfectly.

    May need updated bootcode.

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    Works with Raspbian wheezy 3. Doesn't work with debian Doesn't work with Debian Wheezy beta Halton. RPi would not load and Linux could not mount after image written to card. Doesn't work with debian image, but does work with wheezy-beta. Works with debian Misox Kernel Panic with debian Worked fine with Wheezy image Casestudies. Works with debian Works with wheezy-raspbian Works with wheezy-raspbian 22 May man:0x oem:0x name:SU32G hwrev:0x8 fwrev:0x0.

    Memory Card Compatibility

    Confirmed another card worked fine. Card switched to readonly after one month. The same happened with a replacement card. Error: Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition. The RasPi will be able to read and boot. Confirmed that the "Expand Filesystem" option for Raspbian still works after reboot. Aside from making it easier to capture a sequence of Raw photographs, the data crunching on offer here also makes it suitable for 4K video shooting. To sum up, this is one capable contender. Lexar has long been the go-to card for photography enthusiasts and professional shooters, and, despite disappearing from the market for a little while, it has bounced back with plenty of Lexar options still available.

    The above specification makes it a must-have option for reportage, sports and wildlife photographers, shooting bursts of rapid fire stills, or videographers wanting the clarity of 4K resolution video, with the inevitable data hungriness that comes with it. Available card offerings are from 32GB up to GB, but truly the accent is on speed here. Purporting to eliminate some of that stress is the Sony Tough range, supplied in common-use SD format. High-end Nikon cameras deserve the best in terms of cards — make sure you give it to them.

    These Transcend branded cards are also shock and X-ray proof, thereby providing a degree of certainly for photo and video enthusiasts and pros. The only inevitable downside is that the read and transfer rates are a little more modest than the lower capacity yet higher speed cards pitched at professionals. Ultimately the fact that there is a choice between the two makes us as consumers the victors. Though there are plenty of budget priced card offerings bearing the US-based PNY brand, this Elite Performance series , with capacities from a useful 32GB up to a generous GB, currently tops the range.

    It offers not only a high capacity, but also an industry-standard read speed of 95MB per second from an SDXC format card. Thus the brand is able to claim that the Elite Performance range of cards are suitable for advanced photo enthusiasts and even professionals, as well as those recording 4K quality clips. Peace of mind of a lifetime-limited warranty is provided. If you're looking for a great performing memory card with a decent amount of storage capacity, while keeping costs down, then the SandDisk Extreme card is a very good choice.

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    Unlike the 'Pro' versions, this is a budget memory card, and it offers UHS Speed Class 3 compatibility, so if you're taking videos in p — or even 4K — then this card will be plenty fast enough. Best of all, it features water, temperature and shock-proof technology, so you can take it out and about with you without worrying about it getting damaged. While it may not be as recognisable to the casual observer as competing card brands, Transcend is one of the longer-term players in the market — and, usefully, still makes many low-capacity cards, holding obvious appeal for those on tighter budget.

    Capacities run from a standard 32GB up to a slightly more impressive GB. Actual performance of course is affected by camera hardware and software, as is the case with any card. It does cost a little more to get a microSD card with larger SD card-sized adapters, although this series is still very reasonably priced. The draw here includes the fact that the cards are claimed to be able to withstand harsh environments, are longer lasting and are particularly suited to use in action cameras.

    Also promised for the highest capacity card is an industry best of 43, hours of continuous video recording.

    Alcatel a564c sd card

    Peace of mind comes courtesy of warranties of between two years for the lower capacity cards, to five years for maximum capacity cards. Peace of mind also comes via a 10 year limited warranty, plus the fact that the cards are claimed as waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray proof and magnetic proof. How to choose the best memory card Of course you will have a budget in mind and will also want to go for the highest capacity card with the quickest read and write speeds you can afford.