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Two companies, Yellow Top Cabs and Silver Top, adopted the new tracking technology for efficiency of service and productivity. The drivers, however, were sold on the safety angle.

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When a recently stolen taxi was tracked by dispatchers and recovered by police, the drivers were convinced. Even more, they can now get jobs more appropriate to their location, arrive more quickly, and serve happier customers who give better tips. And this adds up to better service and more passenger miles for lower overall cost.

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  • Current Features: OpenGTS not only supports the data collection and storage of GPS Tracking and Telemetry data from remote devices, but also includes the following rich set of features: Web-based authentication : Each account can support multiple users, and each user has its own login password and controlled access to sections within their account.

    GPS tracking device independent : Devices from different manufacturers can be tracked simultaneously. With custom coding, other devices can also be integrated as well using the included example "template" device communication server.

    NMEA support