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Having a valid birth certificate is required in order to obtain many crucial documents and services including but not limited to :. Most of the time, the only document you need to submit an application for a birth certificate is a copy of your photo ID. Once you are ready to get started, you will find that our application assistance services are comprehensive, secure, and easy to follow.

Once these steps are complete, the individual only needs to wait for approval from the Health Department to receive their official birth certificate. Yes, it's that simple! Special Assessments The City of Bismarck conducts a number of improvement projects every year.

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Some projects bring city services to new areas of the city. Other projects make repairs in older sections of Bismarck. All of this work is done with the help of Special Assessments. Special assessments on private property pay for public improvements that benefit that property. Improvements that would bring special assessments fall under four main categories: 1 storm sewer, 2 sewer and water, 3 paving and street lights, and 4 sidewalk, curb and gutter. When the City Engineering Department decides work needs to be done, they create a special assessment district which includes all property the city judges will benefit from the improvement project.

The Board of City Commissioners approves each special assessment district.

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Property owners have the right to protest the district when the improvements are not health-related, like those involving sewer and water. Once the district is approved, the City Engineering Department takes bids on the project.

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When the project is completed, the construction costs are assessed against the benefiting property on ratios that depend on the work being done: 1 storm sewer —assessed based on the square feet of the lot, 2 sewer and water — this work is usually prepaid by the company or person developing new lots, 3 paving and street lights — assessed on per-lot basis, and 4 sidewalk, curb and gutter — based on the actual amount of sideway, curb and gutter.

Once the assessments are made on properties, they are published in the newspaper twice during a two week period. Property owners have the right to protest before the Special Assessment Commission, a three member board appointed by the City Commissioners. Special Assessments may be paid in full, or they will be billed to the property owner in installments. The installments will be spread over seven to 15 years, depending on the type of improvement.

Notice of the installment due each year is sent to property owners on the property tax notices and the installment is paid along with property taxes through the Burleigh County Auditors Office.

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When does the city do its budget? The city begins work on the budget in May and the budget is approved by the city commission prior to October 1.

Where can I get a copy of the city budget? A reference copy is available for public review at the Bismarck Public Library. Bismarck, ND What is the number for the Internal Revenue Service?

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Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis. Help others by sharing new links and reporting broken links. These can include Stark County birth certificates, birth indexes, and birth databases. Some states may also have paternity registries and affidavits of parentage for children born to single parents. Stark County Birth Records may be considered public records.

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North Dakota may be part of what is known as "open record" states, where all birth records are considered public information. Other states restrict access to birth certificates, which can only be requested by the individual named in the birth record, the parents listed in the record, or the legal guardian or legal representative of the child. Birth records commonly become public documents after a waiting period, which may be more than years.