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Adults or teens often disappear due to disturbed mental health or threatened relationships with family or friends, or even encounter financial trouble. Committing suicide, after moving away to an unknown location even under an assumed name to spare family members, also comes under this category.

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A person can go missing to avoid discovery of a crime or apprehension by law-enforcement authorities. They tend to not act right away. And, by the time they do act, this might be too late.


As well, they need to attend to hundreds of other cases according to the perceived level of importance. Reduced or insufficient resources can alsocripplethe effectiveness of police forces.

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Often, if a result is not achieved over a period of time, they stop the missing person investigation resulting in cold case filing. For missing person investigations, professional private detective services firms can help where the police may stumble.

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Consider thatreally, only a professional private detective services can bring results fast. Private investigators in the Philippines,such as OSI,are licensed and use various investigative methods, established standard operating procedures SOPs , combined with specialized training to search for and locate missing people.

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At OSI, our services in this areacover runaway children, possible or actual victims of abduction or violent crimes, as well as people with physical or mental disabilities who have disappeared, and more. Do not lose hope…as OSI has located every missing person we have ever been undertaken to locate and in thirty days, except two.

Missing Person Investigations

In those two instances, it took several months as in both cased, the person was dying of cancer and confined to bed, thus not moving for months. While OSI's three senior managers have many years of investigative experience throughout Europe, the Americas and other areas within S.

And, they have established a proven and successful track record as reflected by their client list outlined on the client page of this website. OSI's Security Risk Management division supports the protection initiatives of major international and local corporations doing business throughout the Philippines. This certifies it as a stable and referenceable technical standard. There are testable success criteria for each guideline.

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