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David Bradley, et al Filed: June 24, as Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit. Bond v. Nueces County, Texas Filed: February 5, as cv Plaintiff: Diana Bond.

What are Nueces County Arrest Statistics?

Jimenez v. Petitioner: John Jimenez. Milligan v.

Nueces County Texas et al Filed: June 26, as cv Plaintiff: Robert Sean Milligan. Kareem of the Family Hodge v. Plaintiff: Kareem of the Family Hodge.

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In practical terms the prosecutor wanted to continue to trial to another date, when their witnesses would be ready without filing a motion to continue and requesting a continuance from the judge. The State appealed. The appeals court explained:.

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  • In absence of any opposition, these unchallenged findings and allegations would give the trial court discretion … to rule as it did. This case is just a small glimpse at a pattern of apparent prosecutorial disrespect towards the courts, the law of the land and the defendants over whose lives and reputations the DA holds power.

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    While this is not a new concept in the U. She said as of June 14, there were felony domestic violence cases between the eight district courts. Klein said that prior to Wednesday's meeting she'd met with every sitting district judge and discussed their feelings about a specialized domestic violence caseload for felonies. Prosecutor Erica Matlock, who is the felony prosecutor for the District Attorney's Office's new domestic violence bureau, is assigned to the court.