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Aside from the shootings, a CBC law would have minimal effect on the rate of homicides involving a firearm. Most of the remainder 25 percent had obtained it from a family member or friend, or as a gift. Obtaining guns under these circumstances would not be subject to a background check, even with a CBC law in place.

Likewise, research has shown little association with a decrease in gun deaths and CBC laws. On the enactment of CBC laws in Delaware, Washington, and Colorado , scholars found that while the rate of background checks in Delaware increased following the law, there was no observable change in Washington and Colorado.

Supreme Court denial threatens Texas public records access

A similar study on a California CBC law found no association with a decrease in firearm homicides or suicides. Lastly, a study of CBC laws in Indiana and Tennessee found no association between their repeals and the change in the rates of firearm-related deaths. Many of the same researchers involved in the studies listed above also found that CBC laws only appear effective when combined with permit-to-purchase PTP laws, which require all gun buyers to first obtain a purchasing permit through state or local law enforcement.

You know that a law is not created in a vacuum.

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Historical trends suggest that there would be massive non-compliance if such a confiscatory law was passed, though. After years of fighting the state over a public records request for data on compliance with the law, a policy analyst finally obtained the information. While there have been no large-scale confiscation programs in the United States, there have been some local, voluntary gun buyback programs. The program was cut after two months because of the high cost, and the city actually saw an increase in the number of gun-related crimes during the short time period.

City officials were dismayed, though, after gun collectors would go to the buyback events and purchase weapons from people who were turning them in.

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Such a program might not have prevented the two recent shootings, either. If the reports are true that the Odessa gunman purchased his firearm through a private seller who manufactured the weapon, the proposal would have had no effect. It may or may not have prevented the El Paso gunman from purchasing his weapon. If the ban would extend to include all AKs, regardless of modifications, then the gunman would not have been able to purchase his weapon through a retailer.

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With the tragic, evil killings in El Paso and Odessa, it is to be expected that people and politicians want the government to do something to prevent future massacres. The proposals garnering the most attention, though, would appear to have done little to prevent these calamities.

A free bi-weekly commentary on current events by Konni Burton. Louisiana HB , Chapter Provides for the remission and allocation of criminal history information processing fees, authorizes the sheriff to conduct screening functions, relates to any public higher education institution which employs full-time police officers.

Texas State County Court Records - Can I Find Them For Free?

Louisiana HB , Chapter Deletes a requirement for the destruction of the fingerprint records of a juvenile upon reaching a certain age without a felony conviction in adult court and who has not be adjudicated for a felony-grade delinquent act. Louisiana HB , Chapter Increases the fee that the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information may charge for processing an expungement of arrest records in misdemeanor and felony cases, authorizes the sheriff and the district attorney to charge a processing fee for expungement of arrest records when ordered to do so by the court, provides that no fee shall be charged in certain cases.

Maryland HB , Chapter Alters provisions relating to the expungement of criminal records, requires a court to grant a petition for expungement of a criminal charge transferred to the juvenile court, repeals provisions limiting the circumstances under which a person may file, and a court is required or authorized to grant, a petition for expungement of a criminal charge transferred to the juvenile court, relates to the expungement of criminal charges transferred to the juvenile court. North Carolina HB , Chapter Consolidates all statutes related to expunction of records in one article of the general statutes, modifies the age requirements of certain expunctions to be the age at the time of the offense rather than the age at the time of conviction, allows the expunction of misdemeanor larceny, makes clarifying and conforming changes to the expunction statutes.

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North Carolina SB , Chapter Clarifies that an order to expunge an individual's criminal record shall be forwarded by the Clerk of Court to all state and local government agencies, requires a state government agency to forward notice of expunction orders received by the agency to any private entity that disseminates criminal history records for compensation that is licensed by the agency to access the agency's criminal history record database, provides that the entity has a duty to update those histories before dissemination.

Nebraska LB Relates to claims against the state, adopts the state Claims for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment Act, redefines criminal history record information, changes provisions relating to tort claims. Nevada AB 47, Chapter Requires a court to immediately upon completion of a program for the treatment of mental illness or mental retardation or a program of treatment for the abuse of alcohol or drugs, seal all records relating to the case, requires a court, upon completion of a presentence program of treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, to seal all case records, provides that certain DUI offenders that are accepted into a program of treatment for the abuse of alcohol or drugs must not have their privilege to drive revoked.

Nevada AB 81, Chapter Revises provisions concerning dissemination of criminal history information to a licensing agency or employer, eliminates a requirement that records be provided to a person's attorney, requires the Department of Health and Human Services to analyze data concerning juvenile sex offender recidivism and treatment programs, removes a provision allowing certain information to be sent to the parent or guardian of a missing child, eliminates the Repository for Information Concerning Missing Persons.

Nevada SB 28, Chapter 20 Requires a dentist who examines a body to forward the record to the coroner for entry into the National Crime Information Database, deletes the requirement that a sheriff, chief of police or other law enforcement agency transmit to the Investigation Division and Central Repository certain information concerning a missing person, deletes the requirements that the ID and CR keep records to assist in identifying bodies and provide them to the Disaster Identification Team and the Department of Public Safety.

New York AB , Chapter 56 Permits conditionally sealing arrest, prosecution, and conviction records for controlled substance offenses or certain non-violent offenders sentenced to parole supervision who have successfully completed a judicially sanctioned drug treatment diversion program. Permits the judge to also seal up to three prior misdemeanor convictions for certain controlled substances offenses.

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Permits either the court of the offenders to file a motion to seal the records. Permits the court to hold a hearing, at the request of the offender or the district attorney, for consideration of sealing the record. Permits the Division of Criminal Justice Services to retain fingerprints, palmprints, or photographs.

Sealed records may be made available to the offender, law enforcement agencies, any governmental agency permitted to issues gun permits, or any employer of a police or peace officer. Requires, upon a subsequent arrest or criminal charges that lead to a misdemeanor or felony criminal conviction the records will be unsealed and remain unsealed. Oregon HB , Chapter Requires specified state agencies and the Psychiatric Security Review Board to provide the Department of State Police with the minimum information necessary to identify persons who are subject to certain court orders or about whom the court has made certain findings for the purpose of transmitting information to the federal government, creates a process by which specified persons who are barred from transporting, shipping, possessing, or receiving a firearm may petition for relief.

Violations of Ethics and Public Corruption Laws: Penalties

South Carolina HB , Chapter 36 Relates to the destruction of criminal records when a charge is dismissed or the person is found not guilty, includes that a circuit solicitor's office or clerk of court may not charge a fee for the destruction or expungement of records. After activist Aaron Swartz , following an appeal by Malamud, downloaded about 2. Org , the experiment was ended in late September , with a notice from the GPO that the pilot program was suspended, "pending an evaluation.

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