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In all, there are 33 different NU Codes, but not all of them will exclude a comparable from being admitted into evidence. In some cases, there just are not a lot of usable comparable sales upon which the taxpayer can rely, so we sometimes see a taxpayer attempting to testify about the sale of a somewhat different property and trying to explain adjustments for size and location.

That type of testimony would require an appraisal and a licensed appraiser who is present to testify before the Tax Board as to the differences between the properties and the adjustments that were made. Evidence used in property tax appeals can include a variety of documents, including appraisals, photographs, comparable sales reports, environmental reports, income and expense statements, and a myriad of other items that a taxpayer may use to prove that his or her property is over-assessed. All evidence before the Tax Board must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the date of the hearing.

We routinely see taxpayers who want to talk about comparable sales that were not submitted.

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Please be assured that the Tax Board will not allow any discussion regarding any evidence that was submitted late. Occasionally, we even see assessors show up with late evidence. In the interests of fairness, that evidence should also be rejected. It is a common issue, especially in towns that have recently undergone a re-assessment or revaluation, that taxpayers want to talk about their increases in assessments. In some cases, where the municipality had only been assessing its properties based on a very small percentage of true value, the tax rates had been inflated to compensate for the low assessments.

The assumption that some taxpayers make is that the drastic increase in assessments will result in drastic increases in their property taxes.

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This generally is not the case. More importantly, taxpayers should be forewarned that the Commissioners will ignore any discussion of the increase in assessments. The only salient fact that the Commissioners will consider is whether the current assessment exceeds the value of the property. The amount of the prior assessment or the increase in assessment will not be considered. Some taxpayers have noticed that there are two numbers listed above their assessments. These are the land assessment and the improvement i. This breakdown serves an administrative function for the tax assessor, but it is not admissible in a tax appeal proceeding.

The sale of the vacant lot may be significant, however, for an appraiser in supporting a cost approach to valuation. Taxpayers in New Jersey love to talk about how much taxes they are paying. They sometimes state that they cannot afford the real estate taxes for their homes.

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Unfortunately, that is very often true. Even more unfortunately, however, the amount of taxes being paid for a property is not admissible in a tax appeal hearing. It is a foregone conclusion that your real estate taxes will be high in New Jersey due to high tax rates. The real estate taxes you are paying are computed by multiplying the tax rate by the assessment. The tax rate cannot be appealed, but the assessment can be. Nail Salon Pay Online. Pool Online. Retail Food Pay Online.

Here are the towns with the lowest property taxes in each of N.J.'s 21 counties

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