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Missouri William C. Kansas Clara C. Sunderwirth, SSN Name: C. Randol, SSN Name: Ruby R.

Adolphus Orear b. Dec , age 39, married 13 years, b. Indiana, occupation stone cutter Cora Orear wife b. Jul , age 30, married 13 years, b. Missouri; mother of two children, one still living Pearl Orear daughter, b. Oct , age 11, b. Orear and W. Douglas, from various original sources. Name: A. Orear Spouse: W. Adolphus Orear age 49, b. Orear household, digital images, accessed 19 May Orear age 69, married 35 years, b. Indiana, occupation cement layer Cora Orear age 63, married 35 years, b.

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Adolphus Hill Orear b. Pleasant, Bates County, Missouri. Buried Oak Hill Cemetery on 7 Nov Preston A. Orear, no. Orear death certificate.

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Preston Orear b. Nov in Indiana, age 36, married 11 years, occupation barber Anna Orear wife, b. May in Indiana, married 11 years, mother of six children, three living Frederick Orear son, b. Oct in Missouri, age 10 Edward Orear son, b. May in MIssouri, age 8 Earl Orear son, b. May in MIssouri, age 1. Anna May Orear, no. Fred Alonzo Orear b. Occupation baker. Married with one child. Previous military service for three years in the Missouri National Guard.

Fred Orear age 30, b.

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Missouri Harlan Orear son, age 4, b. Missouri Eldon Orear son, age 2, b. Mary A. Holcomb and Emma Morse; wife of Fred A. Burial in Oakhill Cemetery, Butler, Missouri. File: Death certificate, Mary Holcomb Orear.

Orear, SSN Name: Harland P. Wilma Orear, file no. John William Martin, file no. Mary Catherine Martin, file no. Missouri, State Bd. Shillinger, Div. Martin and Jessie L. Briscoe, from various original sources. Walsh, SSN Name: Erma L. Scarnier, Div. Arthur William Scarnier. Eduard E. Name: Ruby L. Cornell, SSN Name: Helen M. Name: Virgil E. Name: Geraldine M.

Year of Call: 2001

Schillinger [sic] household, digital images, accessed 22 May , from the NARA microfilm publication T, roll Louis County, Missouri, St. Louis, E. Shillinger, SSN Name: Robert F. Veterans Gravesites, ca. Name: Darlene F. Name: Gladys M. Name: Cecil O. McComb, from various original sources. McComb, from Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp. Bob Farmer Sr. Harned, SSN Anderson household. Anderson, SSN Anderson family tree. Orear, from regon Death Index, Ada Laura Kearney descendants. Phillip Bingel b. Died 2 July in Cass County, Missouri.

Burial in Prior Creek Cemetery. File: Phillip Bingel death certificate.

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Lena Bingle was under the age of 18 and her father Philip Bingle gave written consent to the marriage. Merritt, SSN Boyd and Cora Maye Cobb, from various original sources. Swickhamer [sic], SSN Karl Boyd b. Karl Franklin Boyd b.

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SSN Coffey, from various original sources. Arbogast, SSN Orear, Div. Doyle, comp. James Brush age 39, b. Kentucky, occupation farmer Elizabeth F. Brush age 36, b. Kentucky John A Brush age 16, b. Indiana Ann Brush age 13, b. Indiana Elizabeth Brush age 12, b. Indiana Jane F. Brush age 10, b. Indiana Sarah W. Brush age 8, b. James Brush. Elizabeth Todd McCormack.