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Parents need to let their kids know that what they put out there can come back to them later. But it gets worse if the person has some expertise.

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There are all sorts of ways to edit the headers of the emails that you send so they appear to come from a totally different IP address, different source email address, etc. So it really is a long shot to hope to trace emails back to the source.

A simple solution is to change email address. Delete the old one, get a new one which does not include your name, and let only those from whom you wish to correspond know the new address. Also, use an address which has more than alphabet characters, such as knothead45 isp.

So if someone lets say calls you dirty names or spreads your business around on facebook or myspace and they are not threatnign you but just causing you to look bad to others or make profiles of you but nothing bad then they can not be tracked? My life is currently being disrupted over the last 2 or 3 months by someone sending email and text through an anonymous re-mailer that is coming out of italy I think mixmaster. It looks like from what I see above that the answer is no, I am looking for even a glimmer of hope. The actual emails that I have gotten trace back to a couple of free wi-fi locations according to the tools I could find on the internet, and the computer name seems to change in every one.

The Text messages that hit my phone show as coming from a 5 digit number when I look at the history in my bill but I have no idea what to do with that. I see this thread is a couple of years old. Are there any new developments that might help in this situation? I was getting harassing texts and was lead to believe nothing could be done. The principal told the parent to involve authorities. I recently broke up kinda harshly so it could be my ex sending them, or one of her friends.

Could I go to the authorities with this? I just really want to bust whoever is doing this.

Even if they are using an anonomous email service…can I at least figure out they state they are in? Thank you.

My ex-wife is not allowed to email my work by court order , so now her current husband sends harrassing emails on a daily basis. Is there a way to deteremine if she was involved in the email prior to it being sent? They both have yahoo accounts. Someone wrote me an usual email and I think its my ex sending it from a fake email address. He send it from a hotmail to my aol account.

How to find IP address and location of a person from his email ID

Someone who is skilled at reading headers can usually see through even the most crafty attempt to falsify that information. The mail header is the information that travels with every email, containing details about the sender, route and receiver. Think of the email header as a flight ticket — it can tell you who booked it who sent the email , the departure information when the email was sent , the route from where it was sent and how it arrived to you and arrival details identity of receiver and when it was received. If you were to book a flight ticket using a false identity, you would quickly be stopped hopefully!

Now imagine that same falsifying process being used for email — the result is often the same! In fact, that is one of the primary ways that spam is identified: falsified email headers!

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Email applications usually display only the portions of the email header that are useful to their users. An entire email header actually contains code and data that help email applications to identify, sort and deliver email. Email programs also use information contained in the headers to filter and block certain senders, such as known spammers; this is one reason that, for businesses, using an ESP Email Service Provider with a good reputation and close relationships with ISPs Internet Service Providers helps to ensure that your email headers are up to snuff, and can be identified as belonging to legitimate email.

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From: susan example. MIME-Version: 1. The IP address can be used to track the ISP of the sender which will help you in finding the geographical location of the sender. But if the sender makes use of anonymous proxy servers to send mail to you, it will not be possible to find actual location or IP address of sender. Hope this article provided some useful information about tracking the location and IP address of the sender.

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