Latest recorded birth in history

The earliest birth in Utah in this series is from Native Americans living on or sometimes near reservations had birth certificates maintained separately during the early 20th century. Contact the Office of Vital Records and Statistics for copies.

“The babies kept coming and coming and coming and coming ..."

Birth Records. Related subjects: Death records , Family History , Probate records guardianships , Adoptions Contents Pre present. Birth Records, In , the Utah Dept. Office of Vital Records and Statistics Birth certificates Index Series Vital Statistics Section Soundex birth certificate index Online Series Delayed Birth Certificates People found they needed a birth certificate when born before statewide registration, or they did not have their birth registered within the allowed time limit. Native American Birth Certificates Native Americans living on or sometimes near reservations had birth certificates maintained separately during the early 20th century.

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Series Page Last Updated October 9, Every one of these handprints belonged to an individual, presumably with a name, a history, and stories to tell. We call them hunter-gatherers, cave people, Neolithic tribes. We think of them in groups, never alone. Would it be a she or a he?

Heaviest birth

Would he be a king? Would he be a person of great accomplishment or just an ordinary Joe? The odds favor a well-regarded person, someone who is mentioned often.

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Regular Joes, I figured, would pop up irregularly, while a great king, a leading poet, or a victorious general would get thousands of mentions. Nor a warrior.

Or a poet. He was, it turns out … an accountant.

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It has dots, brackets, and little drawings carved on it and appears to record a business deal. Signed, Kushim.

Birth Records, 1898-1905

It suggests that Kushim was indeed a guy, a record keeper who counted things for others—in short, an accountant. So all of my hunches were off. But wait. The Kushim tablet is just one of tens of thousands of business records found on the deserts of Iraq.

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A single example is too random. We need more.

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So I keep looking and find what may be the second, third, and fourth oldest names we know of. They appear on a different Mesopotamian tablet.

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Once again, they are not A-list ancients. Dated to around B. No kings.