History of the corvette car

A new hp big-block V-8 is introduced under the LS6 banner. We test four different powertrain variants of the sports car and find the entry-level hp model with a three-speed automatic scoots to 60 mph in a reasonable enough 7. Meanwhile, the top-dog LS6 requires just 5. To meet federal safety standards, the Corvette sports a new mug with a body-color urethane bumper cover.

The cover adds 35 pounds to the car's weight and is able to withstand impacts of up to 5 mph without causing damage to the lights or safety features. Power continues to fall, and the entry-level Corvette spits out just horsepower. Opting for the most powerful big-block engine brings just horses to the stable.

Corvette History

Chevy adds a body-color rear bumper to the Corvette in The big-block engine is pulled from the Corvette, as is the convertible body style. Catalytic converters are added, and output of the entry-level 5. At this time, we put a Corvette up against a gullwinged Bricklin SV-1, finding that both front-engined vehicles lack the "essential ingredients of a modern high-performance car.

Model year introduces a revised intake that raises power to and horses, respectively. The drive is grueling, and the car's chunky aftermarket tires proceed to spew mud across the Corvette's body, leaving behind " the scars of its confrontation with a world that nobody had ever designed a Stingray for. Chevrolet celebrates the Corvette's 25th anniversary by equipping the model with a new fastback rear end. Although the large glass area placed on the rear of the Corvette does not open, it does make possible a formal rear luggage area behind the seats.

Chevy enlists the Corvette to pace the Indy , which results in the production of replica pace car Corvettes.

It was named for a small, maneuverable warship. Here's the 1957 model.

The Corvette adds 5 ponies to its stables in , with the most powerful engine producing horsepower. In our testing, the pound sports car accelerates to 60 mph in 6. Editor Rich Ceppos calls the car "the most refined [Corvette] ever" and advises Corvette fans to "buy now or forever hold your peace. By the end of , Corvette production is moved exclusively to the company's new Bowling Green, Kentucky, factory, as the old Saint Louis, Missouri, plant is formally brought offline. Chevy marks as the third-generation Corvette's final year. The model is a far cry from the car it was in , and the Corvette is sold strictly with a hp 5.

Chevrolet skips model year and releases the fourth-generation Corvette as a model. The sports car is redesigned from the ground up and welcomes additional ground clearance but a lower center of gravity. A hp cubic-inch V-8 is the only engine offered and mates to either a four-speed automatic transmission or Chevrolet's four-plus-three manual gearbox, which offers an available overdrive for gears two, three, and four.

From the Model T to the Corvette: The deadliest cars in history

We find the automatic car is capable of scooting the low-slung coupe to 60 mph in 6. In spite of our love for manual transmissions, we call the self-shifting gearbox "quite a capable tool for generating performance statistics. Chevrolet makes a handful of tweaks to the Corvette for , and we subsequently name the model to our third annual 10BestCars list, calling it an "American car that will run with the best in the world—at a fraction of their price. The convertible returns to the Corvette lineup for In celebration, Chevrolet drafts the droptop Corvette to pace the Indianapolis Chevrolet produces 84 Corvette ZR-1s in , none of which are sold to the public.

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The ZR-1 finally reaches dealerships in and is sold through model year The model boasts a dual-overhead-cam 5. With horsepower on tap and a ZF-built six-speed manual putting that power to the ground, we push a ZR-1 to 60 mph in a blistering 4. To fit its massive inch-wide rear wheels, the ZR-1 wears model-specific doors and rear body panels. We put the mightiest Corvette up against a Porsche Turbo in and award gold to the American sports car, declaring that the " ZR-1 triumphed over the Turbo for one simple reason: it goes fast better.

Chevrolet lightly revises the Corvette's exterior in New front and rear fascias and revised side louvers give the car a more modern appearance.

Corvette History

A new 5. Dubbed LT1, the engine produces a comfortable horsepower—50 horses more than the prior L98 engine—and lb-ft of torque. Traction control is standard across the Corvette line. As an ode to the original Corvette, the millionth model is a white convertible with a red interior. Model year sees the introduction of the one-year-only LT4 engine. The optional 5. A special Grand Sport model arrives in as well. The model harks back to the Corvette Grand Sport race cars of the s. Available strictly in Admiral Blue with the more powerful LT4 engine, the Grand Sport is offered as both a coupe and a convertible.

The convertible, however, does without the coupe's flared rear fenders. The fifth-generation Corvette arrives in Although it evolves the style of its predecessor, the latest Corvette is a completely new animal. Power comes courtesy of Chevy's new LS1 engine. Power now sits at horses, and that output is routed through a four-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Unlike past Corvettes, the fifth-generation model places its transmission at the rear of the car, up against the rear differential. With a nearly eight-inch-longer wheelbase and a 4.

It's also lighter than the old car by about 80 pounds. A convertible is introduced in , and the entire Corvette model line reclaims its place on our 10Best Cars list after an absence of almost a decade.

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Chevrolet introduces the Corvette fixed-roof coupe in The body style complements the targa-topped hatchback and convertible Corvette models. The fixed-roof coupe is approximately 12 percent stiffer than its targa sibling and almost 80 pounds lighter.

Chevy Corvette History | Fredericksburg, TX | Bob Price

It's also the least expensive Corvette option and helps the car maintain its spot on our 10Best Cars list, where we declare all three forms of the model "refined, practical sports car[s] with performance that simply can't be matched at the price. The Corvette fixed-roof coupe begets the high-performance Corvette Z Introduced in with horses pouring out of its V-8 engine, the Z06 cribs its name from the famed race-ready option package that Chevy first offered on the Corvette. Alongside its added power, the Z06 trims its weight relative to the standard Corvette, courtesy of thinner front and rear glass and a set of titanium mufflers.

At pounds, the first Corvette Z06 we test weighs 54 pounds less than the last Corvette fixed-roof coupe to come to our office. The Z06's improved power-to-weight ratio allows it to travel to 60 mph in a mere 4. Chevy outdoes itself the following year and bumps the power of the Z06 to a whopping horses.

The addition of the Z06 puts the Corvette back on the 10Best Cars map after a two-year hiatus. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Car and Driver. Big news for Corvette is the addition of tuned-port injection of the HP 5. The first convertible since is built.

Chevrolet Corvette - Everything You Need To Know - Up to Speed

The Corvette ZR-1 debuts. Groundbreaking of the National Corvette Museum in June. The One-Millionth Corvette — a white convertible with red interior, matching the first Corvettes of — rolls off the Bowling Green assembly line on July 2. Corvette paces the Indy for the third time first in , also in Only 1, Grand Sports are made and it was only the second out of three times in Corvette history that a Grand Sport edition was made.

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  6. Corvette History and Evolution.
  7. It also provided an alternative for those seeking a little extra horsepower as marked the final production year of C4 ZR-1s. C5: — Corvette featured hydroformed side frame rails, each made of a single piece of tubular steel. Transmission was rear mounted.

    For the first time since a separate trunk with outside access returned on the Corvette Convertible. A hardtop model with permanently-fixed roof panel and external trunk lid joins the Corvette family. Optional heads-up display offered. New front fascia grilles improve airflow to the engine air inlet. Z06 performance reaches another plateau with the infusion of another 20 HP — for — and 14 lb.

    Corvette paced the Indy C6: — All new design and engineering. Powered by the new 6. Exposed headlights return for the first time since Power top option for convertibles for the first time since OnStar and navigation available for the first time. Complete redesign of the Z06 after a one year absence.

    Powered by a new 7. Six-speed paddle shift automatic transmission introduced. Powered by a new LS3 6. Performance increased from HP to HP.

    1963-67 Corvette Sting Ray: The Road Shark

    Green E85 Z06 paced the Indy Introduction of the leather-wrapped interior option. Debut of the new Corvette ZR1 powered by a super-charged 6. Side air bags standard on all models. Exteriors limited to Supersonic Blue or Inferno Orange.