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You must register the birth of your baby with Births, Deaths and Marriages as soon as possible after they are born.

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When a person dies in Tasmania the death must be registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages as soon as possible. Anyone can access a birth record more than years old, a death record more than 25 years old and a marriage record more than 75 years old registered in Tasmania. Registration of births, deaths and marriages commenced in in Tasmania, the first Australian colony to take over the function previously conducted by the Churches.

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Libraries Tasmania external link provides a family history research service with online access to birth, death and marriage records. The Family Search website external link provides access to Tasmanian Birth Records from to You can obtain the following certificates from Births, Deaths and Marriages Tasmania by applying online , by post or in person at a Service Tasmania.

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Please Note: The Tasmanian Registry does not have an online search facility to access birth, death and marriage records. Find out what records you can access, what records your parents or grandparents may be able to access for you.

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Check who can apply for a certificate. Births, Deaths and Marriages Tasmania certificates can assist you in researching your family tree.

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Certificates provide information about other family members as well as the person registered. This Office searches a five year period for the standard fee. If the record is found, we issue a certificate.

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If there is no record, we issue a 'Certificate of No Record'. Please Note: Given name, surname and a defined search period must be specified prior to any search being undertaken. Visit Libraries Tasmania external link to search online records.

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  5. The type of information provided to the Registry varies greatly with the passage of time and early records are basic and not as comprehensive as those issued today. Viewing the actual record is beneficial as it often contains details not included in the index.

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    If you find your ancestor in an index, be sure to click on the database title and look at the description to learn how to request the actual record. The cause of death is also included in most death records.

    The registration number is unique to a registration within each life event type and is different to the folio number you may be familiar with on microfiche indexes available in libraries etc. For more tips on how to search, go to Help Searching pre records:.

    How do I trace my family tree

    Home Basket. If you receive too many results, narrow your date range.

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