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If you fail to address your case up front, or don't attend initial hearings on your case, your spouse can be awarded nearly everything; parental responsibilities, assets, and debt awards against you, with very little recourse.

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An ounce of prevention in divorce situations, is worth a pound of cure. This firm pursues background investigation and parental responsibilities in a thorough and professional manner; but you need complete facts on your family and circumstances to present a global picture to a judge or magistrate.

Courts may hire outside experts and order independent evaluations, although professionals hired by the court must be carefully screened and approved. A thorough review of assets and income in contested divorces is sometimes very necessary to accomplish reasonable goals.

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One of the resources available in Colorado for highly conflicted families is the Shared Parenting Support Program , a course of therapy for families suffering from issues related to divorce and parental conflict. In the Court of Appeals, this firm has litigated domestic matters repeatedly; published cases are not common, however, the link below is one such case chosen for publication. In re the Marriage of Martinez. It is not unusual for divorce cases to take six months to one year to be finalized depending on the circumstances.

The article includes a Colorado law — one that may require parental education.

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The purpose of the parenting class is to educate the parents not only on the impact of divorce on children, but to offer practical advice on maintaining a low level of conflict after the divorce. Colorado also offers Level 2 parenting classes for parents who find themselves locked in conflict long after the divorce is final.

Delaware requires the parties to have separated six months prior to filing for divorce as well as requiring a parent education class. Thus, Delaware is similar to Colorado in requiring parents to take a parenting class, but Colorado does not require separation prior to filing for divorce. In fact, it is not uncommon for divorcing parties to continue to share a residence to keep costs down while the divorce is processed.

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However, parties doing so should consider clear boundaries and rules to maintain to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Hawaii allows parties married in a different state or country to divorce there. I am unsure as to why this distinction was chosen for the article?

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As long as the other jurisdictional requirements are met, Colorado will allow the divorce to go forward regardless of where you married. In fact, Colorado recognizes common law marriages although people often believe a common law marriage results solely from a specific period of co-habitation. In fact, living together will not form a common law marriage in Colorado unless the parties agreed to be married and held themselves out to their community as married people.

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Common law marriage thus can be difficult to prove in Colorado when one party disputes the existence of a marriage. Giving a spouse a sexually transmitted disease is one of 11 grounds in Illinois to get a divorce.

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  7. Illinois still requires proof of a wrongful act to obtain a divorce. Otherwise, irretrievable breakdown of the marriage forms the only ground for a divorce in Colorado.

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    Kentucky requires parties to file a divorce education certificate in order to file for divorce. From the description in the article, this appears to be a class very similar to parenting education courses in Delaware and Colorado. However, in Colorado, no class is required to file for divorce. Minnesota offers a streamlined process for a fast divorce where certain conditions are met.

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    Parties in those circumstances should have a less difficult divorce anyway. That said, Colorado will still apply the statutory waiting period, regardless of how simple a case may be.