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Colfax Avenue Dept. Phone: clerkandrecorder denvergov. Report a Problem Ask a Question. City Clerk Records. Translate This Page. Records Held by Other Agencies. Requesting Records You can request a record online or at our office. Colfax, Ave. What Records Are Available Online? Most neighborhoods contain parks or other features that are the focal point of the neighborhood. Denver does not have larger area designations, unlike the City of Chicago , which has larger areas that house the neighborhoods IE: Northwest Side.

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Denver residents use the terms "north", "south", "east", and "west". Denver also has a number of neighborhoods not reflected in the administrative boundaries. These neighborhoods may reflect the way people in an area identify themselves or they might reflect how others, such as real estate developers, have defined those areas.

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Humid continental and subtropical microclimates can be found. Due to its inland location on the High Plains , at the foot of the Rocky Mountains , the region can be subject to sudden changes in weather. Winters consist of periods of snow and very low temperatures alternating with periods of milder weather due to the warming effect of Chinook winds. Snowfall is common throughout the late fall, winter and early spring, averaging Tornadoes are rare west of the I corridor; however, one notable exception was an F3 tornado that struck 4.

On the other hand, the suburbs east of Denver and the city's east-northeastern extension Denver International Airport can see a few tornadoes, often weak landspout tornadoes, each spring and summer especially during June with the enhancement of the Denver Convergence Vorticity Zone DCVZ. The DCVZ, also known as the Denver Cyclone, is a variable vortex of storm-forming air flow usually found north and east of downtown, and which often includes the airport.

As of the census , the population of the City and County of Denver was ,, making it the 24th most populous U.

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According to the census , the City and County of Denver contained , people and , households. Without the zip code According to the United States Census , the racial composition of Denver was as follows:. Approximately An additional In terms of ancestry, There were , households, of which The average household size was 2.

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Age distribution was The median age is 33 years. Overall there were Due to a skewed sex ratio wherein single men outnumber single women, some protologists have nicknamed the city as Menver. Out of the total population, As of [update] , In total, According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association , residents of Denver had a life expectancy of Another benefit for distribution is that Denver is nearly equidistant from large cities of the Midwest , such as Chicago and St.

Over the years, the city has been home to other large corporations in the central United States, making Denver a key trade point for the country.

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Several well-known companies originated in or have relocated to Denver. William Ainsworth opened the Denver Instrument Company in to make analytical balances for gold assayers. Its factory is now in Arvada. Also Samsonite Corp. Robert F. Six arranged to have the headquarters moved to Denver from El Paso, Texas because Six believed that the airline should have its headquarters in a large city with a potential base of customers. The Gates Corporation , the world's largest producer of automotive belts and hoses, was established in S.

Denver in Russell Stover Candies made its first chocolate candy in Denver in , but moved to Kansas City in Scott's Liquid Gold, Inc. Village Inn restaurants began as a single pancake house in Denver in The Shane Company sold its first diamond jewelry in in Denver. Johns Manville Corp. The Ball Corporation sold its glass business in Indiana in the s and moved to suburban Broomfield ; Ball has several operations in greater Denver.

Molson Coors Brewing Company established its U. The Newmont Mining Corporation , the second-largest gold producer in North America and one of the largest in the world, is headquartered in Denver. MapQuest , an online site for maps, directions and business listings, is headquartered in Denver's LoDo district. Large Denver-area employers that have headquarters elsewhere include Lockheed Martin Corp.

Geography also allows Denver to have a considerable government presence, with many federal agencies based or having offices in the Denver area. Along with federal agencies come many companies based on US defense and space projects, and more jobs are brought to the city by virtue of its being the capital of the state of Colorado. The hope was the center's expansion would elevate the city to one of the top 10 cities in the nation for holding a convention.

Denver's position near the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains encouraged mining and energy companies to spring up in the area.

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  • In the early days of the city, gold and silver booms and busts played a large role in the city's economic success. In the s and early s, the energy crisis in America and resulting high oil prices created an energy boom in Denver captured in the soap opera Dynasty. Denver was built up considerably during this time with the construction of many new downtown skyscrapers. Denver is in th place in terms of the cost of doing business in the United States. Denver's location on the th meridian at over one mile 1. These and other high-tech companies had a boom in Denver in the mid to late s.

    After a rise in unemployment in the Great Recession , Denver's unemployment rate recovered and had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation at 2. Denver has also enjoyed success as a pioneer in the fast-casual restaurant industry, with many popular national chain restaurants founded and based in Denver. In , Denver ranked No.

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    Apollo Hall opened soon after the city's founding in and staged many plays for eager settlers. After the start of the 20th century, city leaders embarked on a city beautification program that created many of the city's parks, parkways, museums, and the Municipal Auditorium, which was home to the Democratic National Convention and is now known as the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Denver and the metropolitan areas around it continued to support culture. Denver is home to a wide array of museums. That is part of the reason why Denver was, in , recognized for the third year in a row as the best city for singles.

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    The city acquired the estate of abstract expressionist painter Clyfford Still in and built a museum to exhibit his works near the Denver Art Museum. Every September the Denver Mart, at E. It features hands-on and interactive exhibits, artifacts and programs about Colorado history. While Denver may not be as recognized for historical musical prominence as some other American cities, it has an active pop, jazz , jam , folk , metal, and classical music scene, which has nurtured several artists and genres to regional, national, and even international attention.

    Of particular note is Denver's importance in the folk scene of the s and s. Well-known folk artists such as Bob Dylan , Judy Collins and John Denver lived in Denver at various points during this time and performed at local clubs. Because of its proximity to the mountains and generally sunny weather, Denver has gained a reputation as being a very active, outdoor-oriented city.

    Many Denver residents spend the weekends in the mountains; skiing in the winter and hiking, climbing, kayaking, and camping in the summer. Denver and surrounding cities are home to a large number of local and national breweries. Many of the region's restaurants have on-site breweries, and some larger brewers offer tours, including Coors and New Belgium Brewing Company. The city also welcomes visitors from around the world when it hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival each fall. Denver used to be a major trading center for beef and livestock when ranchers would drive or later transport cattle to the Denver Union Stockyards for sale.