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Adding insult to injury, police then arrested hundreds of strikers who managed to survive the massacre. The Teamsters Union condemns all violence between police and striking workers at the Marikana platinum mine and offers our condolences to the family and friends of those killed and injured. All too often, workers are not recognized as humans by their employers but rather regarded as expendable objects.

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The struggles of these striking miners are the struggles that working people face worldwide. The Teamsters Union demands that Lonmin, the UK-based mining company that owns Marikana, take responsibility for their role in the strike and subsequent loss of life. It is incumbent upon them to restore calm and safety by treating workers as people, not expendable objects. The Teamsters Union stands in solidarity with the South African labor movement at this difficult juncture.

It is our hope that the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, an independent police body in South Africa, will fairly judge whether this horrific police action was justified. Saturday, September 29 a. Sessions Begin. Sunday, September 30 a. Sessions Begin p. For more information or to sign-up call or check the Teamsters Training website for other dates and times.

Classes held at locations statewide. More women should get involved with the Teamsters, especially African-American women. She works with families to help them maintain a stable home environment. Several people were recognized for their work. This is what being in a union is all about.

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  6. This is how it thrives and how it continues to help the working class. This afternoon, the delegates were treated to a remarkable performance by Mzuri Moyo, who portrayed Fannie Lou Hamer, a civil rights leader, using song and the spoken word. Key Airlines, an early investment for the private equity firm founded by a young Mitt Romney and two associates, broke the law by attempting to coerce and then dismiss two pilots who tried to organize a union.

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    Two months after a union vote failed, Bain agreed to sell Key Airlines at a large profit. The case illustrates an episode in Mr.

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    Key Airlines was a small charter carrier with a military contract to ferry personnel to bases in the Nevada desert. The judgment was later qualified by a subsequent court ruling in , together with an agreement to settle an appeal. According to regulatory filings, Mr Romney was a director of Key Airlines and had a personal shareholding in the airline. This means hearing from both the union about the potential benefits and from management about potential costs.

    In the autumn of , 21 pilots at Key planned to form their own union, citing safety concerns. Management said that the campaign was actually motivated by low pay. According to the court ruling, Key held coercive meetings with pilots; said management would leave and the company lose contracts; and told pilots that salaries, bonuses and benefits could be frozen.

    Two union organizers — Olen Rae Goodwin and Lawrence Schlang, a former naval aviator — were instructed to sign resignation letters, according to a separate report by the National Mediation Board, which oversees union elections in the sector. Schlang confirmed the events but asked the Financial Times to rely on the written court records. He is now Mr Goodwin was reached at his home but declined to comment. Key Airlines grew during the period of the Bain investment, more than doubling its sales from to , and creating jobs.

    Bain also sold off assets from the operating company. Hostess, which makes Twinkies, Wonder Bread and other brands, has been negotiating with workers about a new contract as it seeks to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company's "Last, Best and Final Offer" was presented over the weekend.

    The Teamsters union, which represents nearly 8, Hostess workers, plans to review the company's offer next week. Ballots will be mailed to members Aug. UAL recognized our right to reopen and solicited dates from us to begin bargaining. Rather than rush to the table, however, the membership decided through a survey that a tactical delay in reopening was the best decision owing to the fact that the industry was in turmoil in and bargaining at that time would not have resulted in the gains realized in the recently ratified agreement for Teamster Mechanics at UAL.

    Initially, after the Teamsters filed a Section 6 Notice to reopen the concessionary IAM contract, the airline refused to meet with us. At the eleventh hour, Piedmont capitulated and agreed to settle out of court and begin bargaining on a new contract. We are confident that Piedmont agreed to do so in order to save face before a court decision ordering them to the table was issued.

    The fact is that Teamsters Airline Division will not waiver from our stance that we can and will reopen your contract just as we have done in the past! Click here to download the flier. Teamsters National Black Caucus mobilizes the movement Posted: August 16, Source: Teamster Nation Never has it been more important to elect candidates who stand with us in the war on workers.

    More than Teamsters and their families came to this year's conference. The theme: "Mobilizing the Movement and Making a Difference. I'm just blown away from the information I'm learning. From the opening remark to the young guys who did the Step Show from the Iota Phi Theta fraternity, to the workshops, it's been great. School bus drivers nationwide reacted strongly to this remark by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, which was recently highlighted in the Washington Post.

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    Romney is entitled to his opinion, but since he wanted to bring up school bus drivers, school bus drivers drive the future of the country; what does Mr. Romney do?

    C and member of Cayce-based Teamsters Local Isom points out school bus drivers are often on the road before daybreak, picking up students and safely transporting them to school. A school bus driver is the first person a child sees on the way to school and the last person a child sees in the evening on his or her way home. School bus drivers are credentialed professionals entrusted with the safety of human beings, yet many, in particular nonunion drivers, are paid low wages with little to no benefits and difficult working conditions. What they share is a commitment to the children. Hoffa last night on the topic of outsourcing American jobs.

    Read the source story here. And it cuts 62 percent of programs for low-income workers. The workers, members of Teamsters Local in Bloomington, had been out on strike since June 24 when the employer submitted a contract offer that was deficient on wage compensation, classification of temporary workers and benefit packages.

    Today's disposable workers: Anxious and in danger Posted: August 10, Source: Teamster Nation Job insecurity is, sadly, a feature of American life now. Alternet calls it the disease of the 20th century. Oh, and it's killing us. The number of temporary employees in the U. NPR tells us why:. It isn't even a plan, and it certainly won't strengthen the middle class.


    It's simply an outline of results that he wishes will happen: lower taxes for the wealthy, smaller government and weaker rights for workers. In other words, Romney wants to redistribute more income to the 1 percent. He would never say it out loud, of course. But in Mitt Romney's world view, low wages are the solution. For America's working families, low wages are the problem. Most Americans' standard of living will fall if Romney is elected president. I have no doubt that he would take us to a race to the bottom on wages and competition with slave labor overseas.

    He was a serial outsourcer during his business career, and now he supports job-killing trade deals. He also wants to eliminate taxes on American companies' overseas profits. According to anew study by the Center for American Progress, Romney's plan would "further accelerate the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries.

    Worse, Romney would attack workers' ability to bargain collectively. He pretends that his proposals would help workers, but his real intention is to undermine them. Workers need collective bargaining now more than ever to protect themselves from corporations that ship jobs overseas and cut wages, benefits and pensions. Collective bargaining helps level the playing field for employees so CEOs aren't the only ones who benefit from a company's success.

    Teamster pilots are on the frontlines when it comes to keeping our skies safe. They should be praised, not fired.

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    For the second time in less than two years , the Teamsters are threatening a TPG-backed company with the threat of a walkout over contract negotiations following an acquisition by the private equity firm. The last conflict even prompted U. Other private equity firms have also been subjected to union pressure in the past few years. In June , the Teamsters put pressure on Sun Capital-backed Emerald Performance Materials as the private equity firm groomed that company for a sale. According to the financial site NerdWallet, the 10 most profitable U.

    Hat tip: Barry Ritholtz.

    The Leading LGBT & Ally Executives

    But the 10 companies all paid much less than the nominal corporate tax rate of 35 percent -- a number that investor and tax-the-rich advocate Warren Buffett has dismissed as " a myth ," but one that presidential front-runners Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both proposed to lower. And no one exemplified that solidarity, spirit and sacrifice more than the first group to take the podium: striking Davis Wire workers, who were welcomed by nearly union delegates and guests with a rousing ovation.

    Just three days after these workers voted to authorize a strike, the company laid off 27 employees — nearly a third of its unionized workforce. Their union, Teamsters Local , contends that the layoffs were retaliatory in nature. Problem is, those backgrounds are checked and safety records compiled by Mexico's notoriously corrupt law enforcement officers. My answer, it's time to stop subsidzing inexpensive airfares on the backs of the aviation worker.

    Yes, we love this profession, but it's time to remember, it's a profession, not a charity.

    When we start paying entry level pilots like their collegues doing software development, engineering and other highly skilled and techincal professions, there will be more inclined to enter the field.